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If you love stitch fix boxes and love handmade clothing, you will LOVE FalconFix boxes! 
to start the process, choose what size range you will need (this will help determine price point) and add to cart. Next, there should be a note section before you finish checking out that you can copy/paste the following or make sure to include each point in your note so I can make sure to make what you’ll love!


Size (for tops and bottoms):

colors to avoid:

prints to avoid:

preferred top styles (loose/tight, crop/long, simple/flutters…)

preferred bottom styles (leggings, flow pants, skirts, etc)

any types of fabric you love/hate:

Include any information that you think will help me make your perfect box :)

once you receive your box, have fun trying everything on! If possible, please refrain from storing your clothing in any rooms containing smoke or other fabric permeating odors, in case you need to return any! Thank you!


directions for returns or exchanges will be placed in your box